Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cookin' Wednesday

Good...afternoon...? Yes. Good Afternoon Chefs!
I am happy to share with you the Triple Decker Squares I made yesterday! I will have the recipe up here somehow. I'm still getting used to using this blog to be honest. Anyways, would you like to see a picture? I think you would. Well, here it is.

I made these last night and they are SO delicious, a little tedious to make, but I have to say, it really was worth it. The bottom is pretty much like a shortbread base, the filling is some sort of caramel and the topping is just chocolate and milk! Of course, you do have to let it cool in the fridge for quite a while. I had one  a square for breakfast this morning and it was s-o-o good! my sister loves me so much when I make desserts.

I just came back from Europe where most of my relatives live and stayed with my grandma, my grandpa, my seventeen year old cousin and eleven year old cousin, and my aunt and uncle. All from my mother's side. Anyways, my grandma is a retired chef and she cooks like you have never tasted. There is a fancy meal at the table for every meal time. And when I was there, i made a delicious dessert that we have been making forever. It looks like this.

It is delicious. Just Phyllo sheet, butter (or oil), phyllo sheet, butter (or oil) phyllo sheet, butter (or oil) ground nuts and sugar mixed together. Continue that motion until you run out of that package of phyllo sheets or nuts and sugar.

Anyways, in my next blog I will see if I can find that recipe to those Triple Decker Squares but until then, it's Goodbye. Well Done Cookin Class.


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