Monday, August 23, 2010


Good Morning, you.
And welcome to our very first Fashion Sunday! Alright so, I gotta ask you a question, what is with Amanda Seyfried in this picture??? I know its kind of old (The Oscars) but when you put her picture next to Miley Cyrus' Oscar dress from the year before,  it just looked like they were having a Who Has A Bigger Dress? Contest. Its the Oscars, not a ball! I mean I love Armani but on a girl that small and for the Oscars, N-O. NO.  Anyways, here are the pictures.                                                 

Anyways, since we're already on the subject of the Oscars (which you will learn that I love to talk about) there is an older picture of Meryl Streep (Who always dresses amazing) that I wanna share with you, Mr or Ms. Whoever.                                
And Kate Winslet's 2007 Oscars Dress.
Anyways, I know we didn't talk about runways or new trends like I promised but we sure will next time. I have some tricks up my sleeve! Remember, if you like cooking or baking, make sure to read on Cooking Wednesday!

P.S. Please Comment who's dress you think is nicer, Meryl Streep's or Kate Winslet's?
Which is worse? Amanda Seyfried and her Armani or Miley and her Zuhair Murhad?

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