Friday, September 3, 2010

My Unsaid Thoughts

Alright... a blog post. What shall I write about today?
Global Warming? Scrambled Eggs? Exploding Stars? I've got it!The title of my blog clearly says: Food, Fashion, Books and Me. I've talked about Food, I've talked about Fashion for sure, and I've certainly talked about Books as well. But when was the last time I talked about me? Me and just me? I don't recall talking about Me at all as a matter of fact. So today's post will be about me, just so you know. It might be long but I do have things to say that never get a chance to be said and now all my thoughts are welling up inside of me waiting to burst out. So I might as well write them down.
You may not have noticed but in the past few days, I have now two followers on this blog. Now, just to be sure, I am not saying this for any malicious reasons, simply because today's blog post is about me and I am glad that people are following my blog because that means that I am helping them in some way, shape or form. Whether it's reading or food or fashion or anything of such topics. The fact is, I am extraordinarily happy that I am doing good in this world. Because, truth be told, no matter what I do in life, no matter how many ribbons I win or how many A's I get on my tests, none of it matters if I didn't help anyone along the way. Now I know that might sound sappy, but it's true.I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't do any good in life. This is part of the reason I am writing this blog.

Now, since we are...not on the subject...I'd like to tell you that I have taken up knitting! Knitting is very relaxing to me. In fact, I learned how to knit when I was...eight...? That sounds about right. I was eight years old when I first started to knit. I started making this scarf out of yarn that was white, orange and yellow and I left it alone for some time and then, a couple of months ago, I started knitting once more. I find it a wonderful hobby and can't wait to start knitting my next item. The scarf, however, is not finished but should be in time for winter this year. I will wear it once on a day that isn't too cold and then put it away and look back at it in ten years and laugh. You may be asking 'why would she laugh at a scarf?' The reason that I would laugh at the multi-coloured scarf is that it is quite a sight! At the bottom, when I first started knitting-at the age of eight- it really doesn't look like I was knitting, it looks more like I was puncturing massive holes in yarn. There are strings of the yarn going every which way in crazy patterns (that aren't really patterns). I would laugh at the messed-up scarf also because it gets smaller and smaller and smaller as it makes it's way over to the other side. I must have lost at least five loops on my way journey to the other end of the scarf.
And if we're talking about my knitting and my hobbies, I'll tell you that I also love to sketch and draw and paint, I'd like to think that I'm very artsy that way. I love to write and dance to. But the hobby I wanted to to tell you about was acting. I always loved Drama classes at school. We used to have to make these little skits about the chapter we had just finished reading in class. Now, remember that I was in a split class so there were only seven of us and the rest of the class was in a different grade. So the seven of us rarely had anyone else to talk to during lunch and other such occasions when our other friends weren't in our class. So we knew each others flaws and skills. I was the actress and the 'Teacher's Pet'. Because I had such high grades.So whenever we had to make these little skits, people desperately wanted to be in my skit. Which, I can't lie, made me feel good. I'm not a perfect person and since I was terrible at sports and despised Gym class and always got picked last for teams, these little arguments that lasted for a few seconds made me feel like I was on Cloud Nine. You can't say you don't enjoy a compliment from time to time after you've been picked last in Gym class every day and get hit by countless soccer balls, dodge balls, volleyballs and basket balls. Ooh, the basket balls (I had a bruise from one of the basket balls for a month) . But, it didn't matter because when we performed those skits, I was happy and smiling. I could fake cry and keep a straight face even if someone off-scene was making silly faces straight at me. I loved it.
Oh! I've just realized that I've been rambling on forever. I guess you don't really notice if you're talking about yourself now do you? I apologize if I've kept you from something important because I have so many unsaid thoughts and un-known hobbies. So run along now, don't let me keep your important activity waiting. I'm just glad you know a little more about me.

Your Clueless Friend, Ebony.

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