Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ribs in Homemade Sauce

Hello there, how are you feeling today?
That's not good, well maybe some of my ribs in homemade sauce will help. That's right. Today, we're talkin' 'bout R-I-B-S. RIBS. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show you but does it really matter how it looks? Sometimes. But if you're just cooking for a family of three for a nice little lunch together, it only really matters how it tastes. And boy, did it taste good. 'Good' is an understatement. 'Amazing' is still an understatement. I don't want to be bragging here, but I do know good food when I taste it. I would have liked it just the same if not more, if somebody else had made it. My mother couldn't believe it when took her first bite. Of course, she was my taste tester for the sauce so you might say it was 'fitted for her palette'. The secret ingredient is
1.Cooking Music
2. Having a secret ingredient.

My mother and I share our love for cooking so we also share our cooking music. We have a playlist on her computer that we listen to as we cook. My bird, MAX, tweets along to the tune (did I say tweets? I meant screeches) while we dance around, me in an apron on top of my loose fitting pajamas. And my sister laughs at our dancing while she reads in the living room.

The next secret ingredient is to actually have a secret ingredient. For example, when I was making my rib sauce, I put all these boring ingredients and then two squirts of _ _ _ _ _ _. It just makes you feel special and more chef-like.

Do you all want to know the recipe? Alright, here it is.

Russian Salad Dressing
Maple Syrup (try to get the best maple syrup you can afford)
A few drops of lemon juice
_ _ _ _ _ _      (secret ingredient)

P.S. If you think you know what the secret ingredient is, please leave your answers in the comment box below.

Your Head Chef, Ebony

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