Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hiya there!
So this is yet another Fashion Sunday and I want to talk to you about another trend that is very popular in my little city. Plaid.
I was just sitting in my window bench looking out the window while listening to my radio and I saw a girl pass by wearing a plaid shirt, her mother had a plaid purse and another girl was wearing a blue sweater and loose plaid pajama pants. It was like a little plaid family. So I opened my closet doors and searched for something plaid. And I'm sad to say that I didn't find much. My new Calvin Klein pajama pants are plaid and I have a shoulder bag that's plaid but not too much else. My sister wears plaid button up shirts all the time and she looks gorgeous in them. She bought one over the summer. It's green and blue and looks fantastic! So of course, I went to my computer and searched stores and runways for hints of plaid or outfits based on it. Here are some of the pictures and websites I found.

Left To Right: Ralph Lauren, Peter Som, Whitley Kros, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Chanel

Courtney Cox Arquette is also sporting those plaid tops.
See sis? You're not the only one who wears them!

Hope I helped, Ebony.

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  1. Plaid is definitely hot this season. I see it on the runway and also a lot of celebs are wearing it too.

    I like plaid and have for a while, but before it was because I had a British punk phase. XD Now I just like plaid because . . . well, maybe I still have an inner punk phase. Ah well. :P